Welcome to our website. It is a pleasure to share our views and thoughts through this website. TTI started its journey in 2002 with the support of TMSS and Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Today, TMSS Technical Institute has become a leading name in the city of Bogra. However, no one, nor I, can claim to be the sole architect of its success. It would not have been possible for the Institute to be what it is today without the constant support and contribution of the principal, vice-principal, instructors and staffs of TTI as well as TMSS.

Skills, knowledge and innovation are important driving forces of economic growth and social development in any country, and those countries with higher levels of education and skills, adjust more effectively to challenges and opportunities in the global economy.

TMSS Technical Institute is providing quality Technical Education through its excellent academic environment, up to date learning materials, proper guidance, counseling, expanding linkage with industries, highly experienced and skilled instructors to produce skilled human resource of national and International standard so that these human resources contribute to the economic growth and social development in our country using their Skills, knowledge and innovation.

To create and maintain academic excellence, we engage ourselves with cutting edge research and constantly interact with the industry. Through these processes, we are able to foresee the steps we need to be taken to update our coaching style as per the requirements of latest technology.

Ekramul Haque
Domain Head of TTI