The people of developed countries are more advanced in industry and Agriculture as they are skilled in various types of befitting technology. We remain far behind of them in Industrial & Agriculture sectors since we lack in modern Technical Education and shortage of skilled professionals. This is one of the biggest impediments in achieving our self-dependency in Industry & Agriculture and resulted in food crisis along with poverty. Emphasis on expansion and establishment of more Technical Education Institutions in order to produce and engage adequate numbers of skilled professionals can be a way-out strategy to fight against poverty & food crisis by improving the Industrial and Agricultural sectorial needs. At present there are only 49 Govt. Polytechnic Institutes are actively functioning in the country which is not enough to meet up the increasing demand of students seeking technical educations. Keeping this in view and in accordance with the Government policy TMSS Technical Institute is established in the year 2002 to create opportunities for more young students those who desire to develop themselves as mid -level Engineers in various field of Technology. TTI is playing significant role in providing modern & good quality teachings to its students on technological subjects and contributing its best efforts in producing skilled Technical professionals to meet up the challenges of Millennium Development Goals nationally & internationally.

We cordially solicit & expect spontaneous and ceaseless support with whole hearted cooperation from all corners to build up TTI as a centre of excellence in career development by the young generation, specially the students in the field of technical Education as mid-level Engineers.

May almighty Allah blessings of the be upon with us

G.R.M Msud Rana

TMSS Technical Institute (TTI)